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The Collection

​​The collection began in 2001 when we realized that our mid-century, post and beam home's limited wall space was already occupied with a collection of Bay Area figurative art.  Gallery directors, friends and artists brought glass into our lives and we began an exciting and rewarding journey.​

Developing a comprehensive and representative collection of any studio glass movement has never been our goal.  While the process of collecting is an enjoyable ongoing education, our primary criteria has always been; "we buy what we like."

The collection began with a focus on Australian and New Zealand glass as we spent part of twelve years living in Sydney, since then the collection has since taken a global turn.

The collection does not reflect all of the talented artists we would like to collect, nor does it exhibit all techniques of working in glass. However, the breadth of the collection offers us the opportunity to lend to museums and it lead to the development of the Kaplan/Ostergaard Glass Center at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

In the course of collecting, many artists and friends have requested we put the collection on the Internet. so the collection is offered here for your enjoyment and education.


A special thank you to the following for their guidance and friendship:

Anna Grigson and Maria Grimaldi, Sabbia Gallery, Sydney, AU
Richard Whiteley, Artist and Senior Program Mgr., The Studio, Corning Museum of Glass
David Austin, Austin Art Projects
Pauline and Nick Mount, Artist, Adelaide, AU
Lani McGregor and Dan Schwoerer, Bullseye Projects
And to the many artists who shared their valuable studio time to teach us about their approach to glass.

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