Masahiro Asaka

I am compelled by nature's creation and the tension people create with the natural environment. With my objects, I am not looking to make political statements about the environment. Rather, through the raw qualities of the material glass I am seeking to express qualities of fragility, strength, illumination and power as a metaphor for man's relationship with the natural world.

I am looking not only at the transparency and the beauty of glass, but also its fagility and the ambiguity it presents when it's mass appears to be light. I also want to combine the feeling that I draw from glass with the notions of energy and gravity which are the fundamental elements for glass to be formed.

Masahiro Asaka

Surge 1.2, 2011

Glass, cast

17 x 18 x 22.5 inches

Exhibited: Kirra Galleries, 2010

                 Palm Springs Art Museum, 2011-13

Surge 9, 2010

Glass, cast and cold worked

14.25 x 16.25 inches

Exhibited: Kirra Galleries, 2010

                 Palm Springs Art Museum, 2010-11

                 Crocker Art Museum, 2016

Kaplan-Ostergaard Glass Collection