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Cobi Cockburn

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Bale - Soft Yellow, 2006

Glass cane, fused, hotformed and cold worked

Exhibited: Sabbia Gallery, 2006

Presence, 2008

Glass cane, fused, slumped and cold worked

Exhibited:  Sabbia Gallery, 2008

                  Palm Springs Art Museum, 2009-10

                  Chazen Museum , 2012

                  Museum of Glass, Links, 2013-14

                 Palm Springs Arm Museum, Contrasts, 2019

Gifted:  Palm Springs Art Museum, 2019


In Still, 2010

Glass, Kilnformed

44.75 x 44.62 x 1.37 inches

Exhibited: Bullseye Gallery, Art Santa Fe 2010

                 Palm Springs Art Museum, 2013-14

Gifted:  Palm Springs Art Museum, 2019

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