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Nick Mount

Nick Mount is one of Australia's pre-eminent glass artists. Approaching the fourth decade of his career, he is recognized for his commissions, teaching, and exhibitions in Australia, Europe, the United States and Japan. HIs work, represented in many public and private collections, combines virtuoso technique, with keen instinct for design, freely adapting tradional Venetian decorative styles to his own distinctive sculptural approach.

Reclining Bob #010111, 2011

Blown Glass, Carved, Polished w/Mixed Media

16inches x 7 inches dia.

Exhibited: Sabbia Gallery, 2011

Bob #SB050211, 2011

Blown Glass, Carved, Polished w/Mixed Media

Gifted:  Palm Springs  Art Museum, 2019

Scent Bottle, Combination Piece #060709 1/2, 2009

Glass, blown, carved, polished & assembled

46.5 x 33.9 x 6.3 inches

Exhibited:  Artisan, 2009

                  Palm Springs Art Museum, 2010-11

                  Crocker Art Museum, 2016

Gifted:  Palm Springs Art Museum, 2019

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