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Rob Snyder

Making art is a direct reflection of my journey through life. My approach is centered in letting go of preconceived notions of both process and outcome. This requires a quiet yet playful frame of mind, allowing me to create without questionng direction. It is a slow unveiling of form out of chaos and spaciousness -- allowing enough stillness in mind, and then saying yes to what appears. The Sufi poet, Rumi, eloquently speaks of this as being played like a hollow reed.

Conceptually my art weaves stories relating to essence and matter, chaos and form, fragility of nature, and the developing human spirit. I see everything in constant motion, transforming and evolving in a universal flow of upward movement. This is seen in both the natural world, and in human consciousness. Patterns in life will always collapse if they are not supported by an upward movement. Nature does this so elequently; we as humans, a bit more clumsily. But nevertheless, we are constantly moving and evolving, manifesting from the unknown --bringing forth form out of the formless.

Rob Snyder

Chalice, 2011

13 x 7 inches

Exhibited: Friesen Gallery, 2011

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